1. All of our tours are due to weather conditions and we reserve the right to cancel at short notice if the weather is unsuitable for travelling.

2. In the event of cancellation due to bad weather, any bought tickets will be refunded in full and passengers can accept a reschedule-ticket for another day. If this option is chosen, passengers are required to check availability and book the tour themselves to secure a place.

3. Cancellations 24 hours prior to scheduled departures will be refunded in full.
4. A minimum of  3 passengers per departure is required for the trip to go ahead.

5. Happy Tours reserves the right to increase prices in the event of currency fluctuations, taxes and other cost increases out of our control.

6. We reserve the right to refuse unfit or drunk passengers  to take place in our trips.

7. In our boat tours we recommend that passengers arrive 20 minutes before departure. If passengers do not arrive on time we can´t guarantee them on the tour.

8. Happy Tours are not liable for theft or any damage of passengers´ private property during the tour.(clothing,cameras and similar.)

9. We welcome all feedback from our customers. If you have any complaints regarding our tours, please contact us at info@happytours.is

10. All our boat tours depart from the Old harbour, next to the ,,Maritime museum‘‘. If you are coming from the city center (5-10 min. walk) you have to pass the old dock(where the ships are offshore for repairing) to the ,,Vesturhöfnin‘‘(Hlésgata) and you will see our sign.

11.  Hotel pick up  starts 1 hour before departure and we are serving the Reykjavik Capital Area (see the hotel list).

12. These terms and conditions apply to all our passengers.